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We, at car transport services, understand that your car is not just a machine for you; the bond between you and your car goes way beyond normal. We know very well that your car is not costly but it is in fact a valuable possession. It’s not just a way of the carrier to you but your beloved companion. You count it among your family members. There may be times when you have no one to share your problems with and so you share your problems with your car while driving it and sitting inside the car alone.

Thus, in order to pay your car the respect it deserves, we at Vehicle Shift offer Car Transport Services in Pune to transport your car with 100% guaranteed safety in writing. Our topmost priority is to transport the beloved car of our customer with 100% safety and efficiency. As we say in our inception Vehicle Shift – “Tension Free transport”.

Cars are one of the most loved and adored materialistic things. When it comes to transporting your car, then what comes to your mind? That carrier company will steal away your car, or if it does not steal it, then it will cause physical damage to it due to careless handling during the transit. You may be right at your place because every Car Transport Services in Jammu provider can not be trusted. Most of them will focus on just taking away your car from you and then just delivering it anyway.

They do not take care of its condition during the transit, they do not note down that the car may get physically damaged during the transit process which would in turn put a burden on the pocket of the consumer.

How do We work?

First of all, you have to book your transit through our website or by calling us at +91-7676768200 to avail of our Car Transport Services in Dehradun. You have to fill in your details, contact no., initial address, destination address, date of pickup of your vehicle, expected date of delivery of your vehicle, etc. in our form and we will show you a moving quotation. After that, you may make either full payment or some part payment to initiate the transit process. Shortly after making the payment, you will receive the driver’s details.

He may ask you the time at which he can pick up your car from your doorstep. After getting the same, he will start the journey to your specified destination. While you were sitting in the comfort of your home and relaxing, our staff would be bringing your beloved road companion to your relocated address. Also, we click some photographs and make a video as well of your car in front of you while picking it up so as to assure you that we will deliver it ‘as it is, that is, in the same condition in which you handed it over to us.

At the time of delivering it, again we will click some photographs and make a video as well of your car in front of you so as to make sure that the car is still in its initial condition and has not got any kind of damages.

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How Car Transport Service Works

First of all, you have to set your pickup and destination locations at our website, then specify what kind of vehicle you need to transport viz. Small car, SUV, XUV etc. Vehicle Shift would then shortlist the Car Transport Services in Mumbai that is nearest to you and also show you the price quoted by them. After selecting the desired transport service, you can book it online within minutes. Once booked, our driver would get in touch with you to fix your schedule of pickup of your car from the starting point and delivery to the destination location therein.


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