Who does not know BTS V. His name already comes on top in searches and headlines. Recently BTS attended grammy award function. They met many other artists there. Our social butterfly V approached lady gaga and asked for a picture. He was nervous at first because he thought it would be rude to ask for a picture in certain place but when he met her she got so happy to see him. She met him with a smile and hugged and kissed his cheek also she is so humble person as everyone knows. This interaction between them was praised by fans a lot. V said that she is like a big inspiration for him as he loves Jazz songs a lot. This was one of the best moments during grammy.

But the thing that was the main highlight of the grammy was interaction between famous American singer  Olivia Rodrigo and BTS V. There was a little act performed by V and Olivia. That short skit went viral crazily on every social site.

After that short clip went viral fans started making memes and started posting about them. There were many funny memes which were revolving all over the internet. They were literally became highlights in every second channel.

Fans were reacting so differently about their interaction. But there was only question in every fan mind what V really said to her that made her give such shocking reaction. Some eagle eyed ARMY found that he was actually so nervous while doing that act with her. His hand was shacking and he was maintaining certain distance between him and Olivia since he respects her. 


V came on weverse and replied many fans answers where he told about that short viral skit with Olivia Rodrigo. He said that he was actually so nervous while acting with Olivia but she is a very good actress . I did not not even spoke english nor Korean. He called her a hero. He told that Ionly said “you have to be surprised now ” and she did that as I said.

After this confirmation from himself, fans are feeling  happy and praising him for his sweet gestures and replies. There was one more clip has been seen from grammy where we can see that Olivia was patting his shoulder for his acting since he was so nervous still he managed to act well during his performance. Fans were showing love towards her since she supported him so well in his act. 

The fans who were posting funny comments about fans has finally stopped because their confusion is cleared. Now the situation is calm on social sites too because some fans were kinda jealous of Olivia in a very funny way that was hard to ignore. When he confirmed everything from his own mouth those crazy fans felt relieved that was funny yet amazing to see their bond with their favourite Kim Taehyung.


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