Doctor Strange 2

Doctor Strange 2 beaten Abbey’s movies.

No doubt Doctor Strange 2 and Abbey movies are unique and amazing in their own way. When these were released both of them had left their own impact on the viewers. But rating and all is the thing that shows the real comparison between or any of the movies.

Now we are talking about Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of the Madness and Downtown Abbey: A New Era. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse Madness has crossed $31.6 million in its third outing on the other hand Downtown Abbey has crossed $16 million in its opening.

 Actually, before the pandemic when Downtown abbey has released it crossed $31 million on its opening in September 2019 and it was beyond the expectations. For specialty house features it was a record-best movie at that time. The big-screen adaptation of Julian Fellows was hit on British TV series in 2019. People usually 45 or more were used to adoring it.

During the Covid 19 crisis, many people came back to the cinemas again since there was not any other option left for them especially older females who were on top of everyone when it comes to watching this type of series. After observing this Downtown Abbey: A New Era was opened and crossed $16 million from 3815 locations. It has gained a lot of attention from people who were usually 45 or older than that. When the real calculations came it was found that the new era of viewers were females.

 Marvel and Disney’s superhero has a special space in everyone’s heart not only kids, but adults also love to watch them. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness topped the chart in its third-weekend outings that is $31.6 million and the sum of all together then it has gained over $342.1 million and if we talk about globally then it is over $803.2 million. After Spider-Man: No Way Home which had gained $18 billion it has become No.2 in Hollywood films about pandemics time.

It has passed over James Bond’s No Time To Die and Superhero movie The Batman that has gained $77.2 million and $768.5 million respectively. Bad guys have crossed over $74.4 million domestically and $182.2 million worldwide. After ending Sunday with $181 million domestically and $375 worldwide, Now Sonic 2 is approaching $400 million. ‘Men’ is A24’s folk horror movie that has opened nationwide in 2212 theaters. It was timed to its screening at the Cannes Film Festivals.

There is one more movie that was placed in the fifth rank with an estimate of $3.3 million and it was directed by Alex Garland. There was a time also when A24 titled Everything Everywhere All at Once has crossed $3.2 million and pushed it to the film’s domestic total was $52.3 million. After Uncut gems with estimates of $50 million, it has even become The Top  Crossing Film of all time for the indie distributor.

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But Still, Doctor Strange’s Multiverse of Madness has its own charm and its own special fan base that is hard to count because it still happens to increase day by day globally.


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