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A new leak from Marvel’s upcoming film Doctor Strange in the Multiversity of Madness claims that the film’s real villain is Wanda–played by Elizabeth Olsen–who will battle multiple heroes in the film’s climax. A new purported leak from Marvel’s upcoming movie Doctor Strange in the Multiversity of Madness claims to have a shocking reveal that will have ramifications for Marvel Cinematic Universe going ahead.

As in step with the leak, Wanda aka Scarlet Witch–performed by Elizabeth Olsen–is the movie’s villain and he or she will ruin terrible in an try and journey among various universes. The leak also talks approximately a climactic war between Wanda and positive other characters in the movie.  New Doctor Strange 2 leak pointer is that Huddles ton’s Loki appearing in film.

An interview from Loci’s German voice actor has given rise to rumors that the Tom Huddleston man or woman is appearing in the imminent Marvel movie Doctor Strange within the Multiversity of Madness. Doctor Strange in the Multiversity of Madness is less than two months away from its theatrical launch. Yet, there is a lot thriller across the Marvel film. For starters, it is still doubtful as to which characters and actors are acting inside the movie in cameos. Each week, there may be a brand new rumor or leak about it though.

The cutting-edge one claims Tom Huddleston’s Loki could be seen in the Benedict Cumber batch-starrer. As always, there is no confirmation on it from Marvel Studios The modern day leak comes from an interview via voice artiste Peter Lintec, who is the voice of Loki in German. In a video interview with a neighborhood outlet, Peter shared, “There is a brand new Marvel film that I am currently operating on that I am now not allowed to speak about.”

Starring Benedict Cumber batch inside the lead, Doctor Strange 2 takes off from where Spider-Man: No Way Home ended. The film deals with the idea of variants and multiversity and hence, there are possibilities of numerous actors making cameos either as variations of current characters or returning to play fan favorite roles from different franchises. Wanda has teased to be one of the most prominent characters in the movie, in conjunction with America Chavez, played through Cochiti Gomez.

The new leak, which has come from MCU insider @MyTimeToShineHello on Twitter claims that the sample of the trailers and teasers for the movie conceal the reality the Wanda, is the movie’s villain. As consistent with the leak, Wanda will attempt to seize America Chavez to get her universe-hopping potential so that she will be able to reunite with her kids, whom we saw in the collection Wanda Vision. The fact that Wanda’s kids were in brief visible in one of the trailers seems to back this idea.

Most excited to see Wanda’s combat In addition, the leak also claims that the Marvel Comics’ mystery society Illuminati are very tons part of the the movie and they conflict Wanda in the climax. In the comics, the Illuminati contain of characters like Doctor Strange, Professor X, Iron Man, and Mr Fantastic. It is confirmed that Patrick Stewart is reprising his function as Professor X from the X-Men movies in Doctor Strange 2.

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The film is rumored to feature several starry cameos. Other reported cameos consist of Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man, Ryan Reynolds as Dead pool, and Hallie Berry as Storm. However, none of those are confirmed. Doctor Strange inside the Multiverse of Madness is directed by Sam Raiment. The movie, a part of MC U’s Phase four, will hit the displays on May 6, 2022


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