Elon Musk

Elon Reeve Musk is an entrepreneur. He is the founder, CEO & Chief engineer of Space X and Tesla. He is
also the founder of the Boring company & co – founder of Neuralink , OpenAl & X.com. He has total
worth of around US $273 billions currently and with this he is the richest person in the world according
to the Forbes real time billionaire list. He is also the President of Musk foundation. The Boring company
is now the part of PayPal.

Personal life:

Elon Musk’s full name is Elon Reeve Musk. He was born on 28th June 1971 in Pretoria in South Africa. His
father’s were Maye Musk and mother was Erolle Musk. His father was a South African while his mother
was a Canadian. His sister’s name is Tosco Musk and his brother is Kimbal Musk. His mother was a model in Canada. His father was an electrochemical engineer, pilot, sailor and a property developer .
When Musk was a child, Doctors removed his adenoids as there is chances that Elon can be deaf. Elon
Musk once said , “We had so much money at times that we couldn’t even close our safe.”

His parents divorced in 1980. Must lived with his father in Pretoria. When Musk was 10 years old he had
interest in video games and computers. He learn Computer programming when he was 12 and created a
video game l. He wanted to reach US so he applied for the Canadian passport so that he can reach U.S. from there. At the age of 17, he went to Canada in 1989. He did past time jobs there. And after two
years, he joined University of Pennsylvania and completed his graduation in 1995 in Physics and
Economics. He started doing P.hd from Stanford University in California But he dropped out of Stanford
University after two days. And decided to launch Internet startup from here his business career started.

Business career:

After shifting to California in 1995,he decided to start his business career and started a software
company named Zip2 with his brother Kimbal. In this year he also founded X.com which in 2002 became
a part of PayPal. It’s an online financial services. 2002, Musk founded Space X. Its is an aerospace
manufacturers and space transport services company and he is the CEO of Space X.

In 2004, he became part of Tesla motors by investing huge money.
In 2015, je co- founded OpenAl.
In 2016, he co- founded Neuralink. It is a neuro technology company which focussed on the
development of brain computing interface. Musk also founded The Boring company.Its is a tunnel
construction company.

Space X:

In 2001, he involved with the Mars society and inspired with the project which was based on growing
plants on Mars. And he decided to fund the project. He then went to Moscow with Jim and Mike Griffin
to purchase Intercontinental ballistic Missiles by which he can send greenhouse payload in Space. But
Moscow company disagree with his decision and they have to return empty handed.

After all this. Musk decided to start Space company which can build rockets . So he founded Space
exploration technologies corporation traded as Space X in May 2002. He is the Chief engineer of Space
X. The first launch of Space X was in 2006. The rocket failed to reach the orbit but still it’s a good attempt so the company was awarded with Commercial orbital transportation services program.

After two years, Space X made its first successful launch in 2008 and it became the first private liquid
fuel rocket company. In 2015, company started developing starlink satellite to form satellite internet
access. Astronomers criticized the company saying that starlink satellite are blocking the sky view and it
can be a danger for space. But Musk rejected the criticism and said that there is no impact on space by
his starlink satellites. In 2020, Space X sent first crew flight in space and then it became first private
company to send person into the orbit.


Tesla was originally founded in 2003 by Martin and Mark Tarpenning . Musk joined the Tesla in 2004 by
investing $6.5 million and he became the chairman of Board of directors of Tesla. Tesla first built sports
car in 2008 . Car name was Roadster. This car has lithium ion battery. And it has a good sale. And it’sa
first car with lithium ion battery. Tesla keep rising significantly and became most valuable car salers in

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Criticism on Musk:

Time to time he gave many controversial statements about unscientific stances and criticized by the
people and astronomers. In 2018 he falsely tweet for securing funding for a private takeover of Tesla. So
he was filed a case by U.S. Securities ans exchange commission ( SEC) . Later he settled with SEC and
agree not to tweet such statements again.
Ha has also been criticised for spreading wrong information about the COVID- 19 pandemic.


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