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Why an Instagram post by Kim Kardashian?

In an Instagram post by Kim Kardashian, The collector of Marilyn Monroe responded to a comment from the company’s Instagram post with a fact that the worldwide famous reality, how star Kim Kardashian was wearing a lock of Marlin Monroe’s hair which was created by the experts of Hollywood.  Scott Fortner is a historian, collector, and the collector of the star of ‘Some Like It Hot’ said that a real piece of Marilyn’s hair to Kim Kardashian. Scott Fortner collector of The Marilyn Collection replied to the company’s Instagram post. He wrote “News Alert: Marilyn Monroe hair gifted to Kim Kardashian by Ripley’s is fake”.

By referring to Ripley’s own website, Scott Fortner provided a screenshot of an article in which this whole false thing was presented by them by saying that it was an expensive look of Kim Kardashian. It was said it these locks were chopped by the famous hairstylist Robert Champion and it has been authenticated by John Reznikoff, who is a well-known famous authenticator and collector of historical items. Scott Fotnor says that The hair given to Kim coordination on that night was by Kenneth Battelle and even he explained his lines as well that he said.

It is said that the hair she wore was coming in a silver box carrying iconic platinum hair locks of Marilyn just to give extra charm to his outfit. To enhance her look she was wearing a sparkly nude illusion gown designed by Bob Mackie which was worn by the star of “Gentleman Prefer Blondes” in serenade President John F. Kennedy’s 45th birthday in 1962.

Here is what Scott Fortner wrote on the company’s Instagram post in real, He commented that “One could assume the hair Gien to KK was part of this lot of hair that was cut by Robert Champion just prior to her MSG performance. News Flash: Robert Champion did not cut and style Marilyn’s hair for the JFK gala. It was actually the one and only ‘Mr. Kenneth’ who had the honors”.

He added “Battelle is responsible for Marilyn’s famous hairstyle from that night, as documented by a receipt from Lilly Dache Beauty Salon. While I understand the appeal of wanting to wear such an iconic gown’ it can’t be dismissed or overlooked that anyone other than Marilyn Monroe wearing the famous ‘Happy Birthday. President’s dress might be cause for concern for several reasons”

He also said that “The dress was custom made for Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn stood nude as the fabric for the dress was literally sculpted to her body to precisely match every curve. The fabric, which is a flesh-colored soufflé gauze imported from France, was layered strategically so she would not need to wear undergarments”.

He actually explained each and every detail of her outfit in a very smooth and easy way. He has even given his points and showed his agreement with Kim Kardashian’s choice and decision since that dress was actually made precisely to match every curve.


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