penis enlargement in india

The procedure for Penis enlargement in India is a treatment for extending the penis length. Also, this procedure has grown in popularity recently. However, there are several causes why you might consider having penis enlargement treatment. Also, few men undergo penis extension procedures if they have micropenises or are dissatisfied with the size of the penis. 

If you’ve had genital trauma due to an injury, your penis may have been altered, changing the size. In India, a penile enlargement procedure could be able to fix this.

Peyronie’s Disease causes blood to flow irregularly in the bottom and sides of your penis, resulting in an irregular, malformed erection. If you’ve got a neurogenic bladder, your penis may have reduced in size. So, penile enlargement can help with both of these issues.

Let’s understand what exactly is penis enlargement in India and its effectiveness. 

Various Process Involves in Penis Enlargement in India, and It’s Cost

During this procedure, the doctor will make a small incision in the penis’s lower ligament to allow it to drop forward. Following that, doctors will place a mini prosthesis at each end of the ligament. This will prevent them from rejoining and the penis from shrinking. In general, this procedure can increase the original length of the penis by two to three centimetres (during flaccidity and erection). However, the range of outgrowth may differ depending on the individual.

The surgical enlargement or extension requirement must be reasonable what you need to know before actually taking any steps.

Surgery can alter the penis size in two ways: lengthening and widening. Most patients may opt for one or the other process, whereas others may opt for both types of penile enlargement. Penile lengthening occurs more frequently than penile widening.

These are cosmetic surgeries. Yet, they can make a massive difference in your living if you’re handling relationship problems, sexual repression, or low self-esteem due to penis size.

Hence, it’s critical to have reasonable expectations before undergoing penis enlargement in India. Moreover, expect to gain two to five centimetres of extra length or approximately two and a half centimetres of extra width. Also, it is generally not possible to go any longer or broader than mentioned.

Procedure of Surgery

The procedure will differ depending on the specific surgery you have. If you have lengthening surgery, your surgeon will start by cutting a tendon in your pubis. This alters the penis’s angular position. When the penis is limp, more of it hangs down, appearing longer. The surgeon may integrate this method with other processes, such as removing fat from beneath your pubic bone.

For additional girth, your doctor will transmit fat from other areas of the body to your penis during a widening procedure. Even if you’re a healthy weight, the surgeon will have plenty of fat to operate with. Your surgeon will determine from where the fat removal takes place. For increasing the width of your penis shaft, the surgeon induces fat into it. However, it can happen that the body can absorb the fat sometimes. As a result, your penis may become curved or asymmetrical.

Complications of Penis Extension Procedure

There might be complications because of surgery for any reason. Here are some of the complications:

  • Swelling
  • Infections
  • Underneath your skin, you may have abscesses or nodules.
  • Scarring
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Accumulation of fat
  • Penis sensation diminishing
  • Penile asymmetry

The penis enlargement cost in India can range from Rs 2,50,000 and can go upto Rs 6,00,000 depending on the type of surgery and the surgeon you refer to. 

Why Should Penis Enlargement Medicine Be Preferred Over Surgery?

Men these days have various options who aren’t satisfied with their size. Temptations abound, but don’t be fooled by baseless allegations or precise information.

When it comes to surgeries, there are several issues to consider.

The protection, effectiveness, and patient satisfaction of accessible surgical techniques to prolong the penis have all been mixed in studies.

At best, a procedure such as suspensory ligament division can improve the look of a flaccid penis by half an inch (1 centimetre), but it does not affect the actual size of the penis. In the worst-case scenario, surgery can lead to infection, scarring, and loss of feeling or function.

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