In this blog, we are learning Tech tips on how to deactivate your Facebook account. If you’re tired of Facebook and you no longer want to have your Facebook Profile you can simply deactivate your account. Everything in your account will be hidden just like it’s been deleted but only you know that it’s temporarily deactivated not permanently deleted. So I will tell you how to deactivate your Facebook account on the Website and APP.

So as usual go to,  sign in to your account, and follow these steps:

  • You can click on this little arrow in the extreme right of your Facebook interface and then “Select settings and privacy” and then click on Settings alternatively you can to go the setting page directly by going to either way.
  • Anyways on the settings Page Click on “Your Facebook Information” and then under your Facebook Information at the extreme Bottom click on “Deactivate Account” which is a temporary measure or you want to delete your account which is a permanent thing but keep in mind if you click on “Delete your account” you will never have anything back but when you deactivate your account you can come back anytime and reactivate anytime you want so select Deactivate Account option.
  •  Now Click on continue to account Deactivation and then, of course, you will be asked to enter the password again for security enter it to continue and as soon as you enter the correct password you will a page where you can select a reason. Of course, Facebook wants to know why you want to leave so choose one reason. If you don’t have any reason simply write your reason in a box.
  • If you choose the reason: “This is temporary. I’ll be back.” You’ll also get an option to automatically reactivate your Facebook in maybe one day two days three days to seven days. So if you want to activate for longer than simply go to option Others which is a good option and explain a reason.
  • Then there is the option “Email opt-out” where you can opt-out email from Facebook which makes sense because if you’re not, then there’s really no need of getting emails.
  • Then there is another option “Messenger”. When your Facebook is deactivated you can select keep using Messenger and if you don’t want simply deselect.
  • At last click on Deactivate and then of course confirm by clicking on Deactivate Now. So you will be deactivated and logged out of your Facebook account. Now with the Facebook account being deactivated other people can see your name next to other messages, you sent them but they are not able to click on your profile name to go on your profile because it is deactivated and that’s basically how to deactivate your Facebook account.

So, if you download the app to your phone, this process will walk you through the steps of deactivating deleting your Facebook account. I’ll also show you how to deactivate it. So go ahead and open the Facebook app, and then press the menu option on the extreme right side. Furthermore, settings and privacy can be expanded. And we need to go into our settings menu. Now, on this page, go to personal and account information and then click on account ownership or control. You’ll also notice deactivation and deletion on this page. Repeat the next same like Facebook Web as explained in the above steps.


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