Some people have chosen Instagram as a part of their life and they really enjoy it and I am one of them. I really enjoy using Instagram and never get fed up. I share life stories with my friends and family but not all people do the same, some just need a break or privacy.

Obviously, Instagram doesn’t always make everyone feel their best. While this platform encourages creativity and has become a powerful tool for influencers, brands, small businesse etc but usage of Instagram has also been connected to increased levels of anxiety and depression among young people.

So Now, if you are searching for how to delete your Instagram account then you have come to the right place. I’m going to show you the quick and simple way to do it in this blog. So many people ask how to delete the Instagram account so whether you have watched the social dilemma on Netflix that you think that Zuckerberg is watching your every single move or you just have had too much of the Kardashians and you simply want to get rid of your Instagram account.

 We are going to dive in and do that right now. Follow these steps:

  • Start by opening your Instagram app whether you’re on Android or iOS.
  • Go down to the bottom right for your profile and then go up to the top right where they have three lines and click on that this brings up a menu.
  •  You just need to go to settings and from there go to help then click on help center.
  •  In the help, center click on managing your account or search delete your account.
  • If you want to temporarily disable your account then you can select the first option but we want to delete the Instagram account so click on that scroll down to where it says Go to the delete your account.
  • Then simply click on that and now you need to give a reason why you are deleting your account in the dropdown. You can select any of these reasons but the easiest is to select something else.
  • Then you pop in your passwords and then click on the permanently delete my account and click on Ok and you’re done.

You have now deleted your Instagram accounts so the Kardashians won’t bother you, Zuckerberg won’t bother you, or whatever reason you have. So, why you are deleting your account is it Zuckerberg, is it Kardashians or something else let me know to leave a reply in a comment below. I’d love to know your reason.


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