Delete Other Storage IPhone – So, this one is something I’ve heard a lot of people mention that they need help on their iPhones and how to get rid of the mysterious other storage that can be taking up a ton of space and seems to not go way no matter what you do. A lot of people ask me how to delete other storage iPhones and if you need more help then I’d suggest reading this blog.

In this blog, we’ll focus on that annoying other storage in particular now first to see if your issue is the other storage head to the Settings > General> iPhone storage. Here you’ll see a little bar graph that’ll show you using colors what amount of storage is taken up by what category of item other is usually to the far right and depending on the lot of factors it might have gotten out of control and is much larger than it needs to be. It’s very easy to delete other storage iPhones.

So really quick what is the other? Well basically it’s kind of a catch-all for a lot of different files that your iPhone happens to save things like series files, some settings files, and iOS updates sometimes get stuck in there can take up a ton but a big portion of it usually are cache files. These are files that apps in the phone store temporarily on the phone storage in order to use something and in theory at least should be deleted automatically by the system as soon as they are deemed not needed or the device is low on storage an example of this is if you’re streaming a four gig movie it might take up four gigs of other storage while watching it but once you finish it and close the app, those four gigs should be deleted since it’s no longer needed.

At least that’s how it should work in theory. Now the problem here lies in that things can get stuck in there sometimes as iOS just never decides to remove them and also those update files I mentioned seem to get stuck in here pretty often. Now unfortunately there is no good way in iOS to clear out all of the caches we can try and clear out a few of them at least and see if that helps get rid of enough of that other storage for you and if not then I have a final option that will get rid of all at once for the most part if we need. You can easily delete other storage iPhones in few simple steps.

How to delete other storage iphones

 So firstly, let’s clear the safaris cache. To do that head to Settings> Safari and tap on clear history and website data and then confirm and then after this and every one of these steps really you can go back to Settings> General> iPhone storage, wait for a second to refresh, and see if that is cleared. If not we can go to the next step, other new iPhones have their own caches. You need to go to Settings> General > iPhone storage, here you can find a list of APPs and you can automatically offload apps this will essentially uninstall apps you haven’t used for a long time and free up their cache as well as storage.

I hope World Report Box helped you in resolving your issue of delete other storage iPhones and now your mobile is working fine. If there is any issue in deleting other storage in Iphone, then comment below, I will try to resolve your issue as soon as possible.


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