Why did Smith get slapped on stage?

Why did Smith get slapped on stage? It’s already been 2 months already, but still that Oscar event is not getting old and becoming headlines every second.  Everyone knows about this news worldwide, but let’s see it on a very short note… During the 2022 Oscar award, Chris rock cracked a joke on Will Smith’s wife about her medical condition. At this Will Smith got so much angry and slapped on the stage.

But later he apologized and even accepted the punishment of not attending any award function or any performance in the Oscar by the company. This news was a headline on the front page of every newspaper in every country and was on the whole internet. But we can see that after this incident his movies are getting delayed and he does not even get new work as it used to happen. If he gets some work his movie or that thing is getting delayed itself.

Bad boys 4 is also getting affected because of his slap incident. Rothman said about Will Smith’s led bad boys 4 that “That movie has been in development and still is. There was not any moving. I have known Will Smith for many years and I know him to be a good person. That was an example of a very good person having a very bad moment in front of the world.” Rothman said that” he believes in forgiveness and redemption.”

 When this incident happened within a week Netflix paused the production of Fast and Loose without letting them know silently. In Fast and Loose Smith was playing the role of a crime boss who loses his memory and discovers slowly that in his double life he was leading as a CIA agent and crime Kingpin. Another report also came in April that will smith’s bright 2was being shelved in a decision that was actually not even related to that Oscar event.

There is good news for will Smith’s fans that the nature series Pole to Pole is still planning to proceed with this. But they have to wait for the shooting to begin until the fall season comes. His fans were so much heartbroken when they came to know that Will Smith is no longer able to attend any award function or other function or performance.

 Still, they have one hope that they can watch his favorite movies after all. But their hopes also broke when realized that his movies that were going to release soon had not been released. His every project was getting halted or delayed and he was not even getting a new one. This was really so sad thing for smith and for his fans too who were eagerly waiting to watch him on the screen in new movies and series.

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But fans got happy once again when she got the news that his series Pole to Pole is going to shoot in the fall season during April month. Now there are high hopes for the fans that they can watch Will Smith on the screen after waiting for so long.


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