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Why did Johnny Depp told something about Amber?

There will be not even a single person on the internet who does not know about pirates of the Caribbean sea actor Johnny Depp and acumen actress amber heard an incident that is spreading like wildfire on every social platform worldwide. This case is not stopping even after this much time. Every second day something new or shocking comes with the news and becomes headlines itself. Not only fans even celebrities are divided to support one from both.

There are a lot of celebrities who are not evolving in this matter, while on the other hand, as we can see there are a lot of celebrities who are supporting Johnny against amber-like Robert Downey Jr, Jennifer Aniston, Jason Momoa, Salma Hayek, and many more famous celebrities. When many celebrities are supporting Johnny there are few people like Elon Musk and all who are trying their best to support amber heard and wishing for her to win.

One by one many people is involved in this case. Some of them are shutting their mouth, even though they know nothing about it. But there is some type of people also who wants Johnny to get justice and save him from the wrong allegation. A new headline is circulating on the internet nowadays that famous comedian and friend of Johnny Depp, Gina’s daughters say that amber is not even as worthy as a famous actress that she should be.

She may look innocent and all but there is more personality that leads her in a very different manner. She has major anger issues and she does not know how to control her anger. Gina Deuter is not only a friend of Johnny Depp but also the wife of a business partner and an assistant named Stephan Deuter.

She says that amber always just creates a scene to show that she is the real victim. Gina said that she kind of remember a thing that amber leaned into her and then said at the wedding ceremony ‘ Do you and Stephen ever fight’. This thing shows her a different type of mentality about being curious, about having fights and arguing between couples.

This kind of nature of her shows a different personality that she must hide from the public. Johnny was going through stress and violence because of her at home, but he never complained about this in the first place. This is always amber who always makes mistakes and then pits the whole blame on Johnny. She should not be considered normal after doing such a horrible thing to him.

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When this matter came to the public she played very to look innocent in front of the media while she was the real culprit. Because of her Johnny has to give up on his legendary role. As everyone out there knows he is the only one who can play the role of a pirate. No one can take his place because no one can make the same image as him in the heart of people as he. Only he is capable of this. There is a little hope that he can get his role back in the future after when this case will be shut down.


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