Ketanji Brown Jackson, black supreme of court

Senate confirmed that the Ketanji Brown Jackson will serve in the supreme court, US top court, and becoming the first-ever Black woman judge serving the Supreme court. She won the election done for the process. 50 members of the democratic supported her by giving their votes to her while 47 republicans didn’t support her. Jackson was the American president Joe Biden’s first nominee. Joe Biden gave a statement saying that Jackson’s confirmation is a historic moment for our nation. Jackson has also served as a public defender. She was criticized by Republicans saying that she was involved in a child pornography case. But democratic committee members didn’t consider these Republicans’ criticisms.

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Ketanji Jackson’s Life History

Jackson was born on 14th September 1970 in Washington D.C. Her father was a lawyer and her mother was Principal at the New World School of Arts. She joined Harvard University for college studies and started her career as a clerk.


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