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Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and female friend Lauren Sanchez went out on a double date with Kim Kardashian and her associate Pete Davidson these days. The four were photographed leaving an eating place in West Hollywood, Los Angeles. Kim Kardashian and her “Saturday Night Live” comic beau were regarded particularly comfortable as they left the famous eatery. They were closely followed by the Amazon boss and his long-time associate Lauren Sanchez, 52. Talk about a powerhouse foursome! Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson with Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and lady friend Lauren Sanchez. See the snapshots from their outing.

Pete Davidson attempted to protect himself from the paparazzi by sporting a baseball cap, hoodie, and shades, but genuinely, it did not work. Jeff Bezos regarded ok being clicked but he and his associate were comfy because the media attention become directed towards Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson. Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson have previously, too, loved dinner with Jeff Bezos at the Amazon founder’s $175 million Los Angeles domestic in January. Less than months later, it was announced that Pete Davidson become to enroll in Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin area flight. However, he later dropped out of the flight, which become rescheduled from March 23 to March 29. That no longer appears to have affected their courting as all four of them seemed cozy and smiled as they walked out of the eating place.

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Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson started out dating in October 2021, almost 8 months after she filed for divorce from her ex-husband, Kanye West. Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez started courting in 2019, shortly after he divorced Mackenzie Scott.  KIM KARDASHIAN & PETE DAVIDSON’S DOUBLE DATE WITH JEFF BEZOS & HIS GF! The couple is head over heels for each other on the date. It was not the first time they went and were later found in headlines but it became extra special by Jeff Bezos and his girlfriend.   They have been noticed out for dinner in LA. All cameras had been targeted on Kim Kardashian & Pete Davidson even as Jeff and his Girlfriend Lauren Sanchez were left in the back .

Many people who were present at that time in the restaurant noticed them having a dinner party together. Some of them took pictures of them and the rest of them did not post anything or took pictures respecting their space and privacy. They were lucky enough to have a look at them in that restaurant.

Here’s a post of a lady who was present in that place while they were having a dinner meetup party. She took a picture of them without disturbing them and interrupting their dinner and posted her story on INSTAGRAM.

Just by looking at their pictures, we can say that they really enjoyed this dinner party really well. Pete Davidson really tried to hide. But no one can be saved from eagle-eyed photographers and people also recognized him very easily. Their pictures went viral on social media even Jeff Bezos and his girlfriend left them out in the back of them but they can be clearly seen at the back of the picture.


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