kim kardashian daughter

North is eight years old daughter of no one other than world-famous Kim Kardashian. Who can be seen in news headlines every second day? She is a trendsetter and it’s obvious that her daughter also has the same vibes. Her taste in fashion is as Amazing as her mother’s. She was spotted in a sporty look outfit. She was holding a 250 dollars worth Versace Boroco printed football in her hands that can be seen properly in the photograph taken by the media photographers. A casual to regular football can be brought in 20 dollars to 30 dollars.

How she can look regular and casual by carrying such items which look normal to her even when her mother Kim Kardashian is a living fashionista. North was not accompanied by her mother but her Father Kanye West was also with them. The family seems to be enjoying the football match a lot, we can see that just by looking at their pictures. When the family attended a football match they were gathered by media all around. We can surely say that north is already so camera-friendly and looks so confident in front of cameras like their parents.

 She was wearing a black jersey and a printed shirt. She was looking so amazing in that sports vibe giving outfit that totally matches a football match. On 14 May, Saturday the family went to watch a football match and to enjoy family time with each other. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are really appreciable parents, When they already have busy schedules still they don’t forget about taking good and full care of their daughter. We can clearly see that they were so happy together.

They can send any other helper or bodyguard with her to watch matches or to other places if they want to but being good parents they give her time and make time to enjoy each other’s company that helps to understand each other. By giving time to here they are proving that they are the best parents that every child wants.

 It not only helps to understand more but makes a strong bond between them. We can see that North is following in her mother’s footsteps in the sense of personality and positive attitude. When their photo was revolving all around the internet many people gave their own opinion about north and her mother and father.

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Some people were saying that they are just soiling their child at a very early age, There was no need to buy such expensive things which can work the same and can be brought at a very less price while others were supporting them by saying they are good parents, they are she is lucky to have such amazing and supportive parents that is quite true. It is also a great thing that is not judging her taste being a girl who loves football rather than playing with dolls. North has unique and amazing taste since this age that is appreciatable.


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