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I don’t think so there will be a single person who doesn’t know about Avatar movie. Avatar movie was released in 2009. It was directed by James Cameron. Just after release, it gave goosebumps to viewers. It was an epic blockbuster movie. It gained a lot of money and fame from all over the world.  It was translated into many languages in different countries. This was a fictional movie. People showed a lot of love towards this movie. This movie has an amazing effect offline and online too. Cinemas went housefull every time it was on screen. This movie has gained the highest watch time on social sites.

IMDB ratings were so lit and reviews were also so amazing. It gave an unreal experience to viewers.

It definitely became one of the best and favorite movie for movie lovers. After looking at this movie’s popularity,success, and huge fan base, James Cameron has decided for the next part Avatar 2. Many rumors have already surrounded about Avatar 2 on social sites.

It has become a popular topic among people. In this second part, the same caste is going to show which was in the first part like Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, and more.

Some peoples are curious to watch this movie. On the other hand, few peoples only wants to know what special James Cameron will bring this time as everyone is already aware of how amazing a director he is. He knows how to make unique art in the form of movies.  People posted about their reaction to it’s second part. People have mixed reactions about Avatar 2. Let’s see a few of them here.

“ I personally am really looking forward to #Avatar2. I know it’s the ‘in’ thing to hate on this movie but I have high hopes. After all, James Cameron is the master of the sequel #T2 #Aliens”~From twitter

Another user posted~

Does anyone remember the movie Avatar because #AVATAR2 is coming out and I’m kinda excited 

Excitement can be seen through the posts like this one

Can you believe we might finally get that #Avatar2 trailer in just about a month or so. The excitement is through the roof ~ From twitter

After looking all of these post we can see that peoples have high hopes from the movie and it is already in higlights before even releasing. The realising date of the Avatar 2 is declared . it is now officially announced that it is going to be released on 16 december 2022.

It is reported that  James Cameron’s Avatar 2’s first trailer will be launched on May 6, 2022, its trailer might debut before “Doctor strange 2”. Fans can see first sequel in upcoming May. According to sources, it came to know that it was gonna be released already in past years but somehow it was getting delayed. Many problems were happening while shooting this movie since it is a unique concept, and it took a longer time than expected. Behind the scenes of this movie makes fans go crazy and filing fans more excitement for it.

It is having positive responses from the fans and it is giving higher expectations to the fans worldwide.

Fans are eagerly waiting to watch this year’s best movie Avatar 2.

#Aliens is a movie that gives you chills every time you watch it. Ripley’s character is good it doesn’t feel forced unlike new movies, you believe she could take on those Aliens. Set design and miniatures are works of Art, I chuckle when people doubt James Cameron’s #AVATAR2~from twitter 

There are many posts to show how everyone waiting for it’s releasing date so that they watch it but it is quite enough to show.


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