Baby shark hits a major milestone on Youtube. The Pink Fong Kids song now has more than 10 billion views that’s 10 zeros, that is not only the most-watched video on youtube but also the only video to hit over 10 billion. Since it was uploaded in 2016, the baby shark has become part of pop culture.  Who could forget the baby shark challenge the song is so catchy even James Corden did a version of it on his show. Interesting thing is that this figure more than the population of Earth, which is 7.9 billion. It included just 18 words of lyrics and two babies performing dance moves in front of a lively background.

Let me tell you the background, this video that we all and especially kids love and some people also hate was released in 2016 by Korean children’s entertainment brand Pinkfong, owned by SmartStudy. It went mega-viral for reasons we shall shortly delve into. This song is now stuck in every one of your heads which is sometimes quite annoying.

The name of the Youtube Channel is Pinkfong which has currently had over 53 million subscribers. It’s a very impressive following, but considering the number of views Baby Shark has earned, I thought it would be higher. The founder of SmartStudy, Kim Min-Seok, is reportedly worth about $125 million.

Earlier, a South Korean education company invited children from around the world to share their shark dance sessions. The songwriter said that 10 billion is the largest number in the world at 7.8 billion.

The song itself is not really new: It started as a simple nursery rhyme over 20 years ago, a song sung in school playgrounds and summer campgrounds. In 2015, it was re-launched as a series of comedy music videos by Korean children’s entertainment brand Pinkfong. The most popular version includes a series of marine animals in cartoons that accompany the singing and dancing of Korean children.

The song, which has been translated into 11 languages, has climbed to the top of children’s music on iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, and Amazon, says Oh. It also encouraged the attack on top of home videos, shared under the hashtag #BabySharkChallenge, where people recorded themselves singing and dancing.

Do I like the baby shark’s song?

Baby shark is catchy. I felt good, I wanted to dance and just move in every way I could. I felt great. Sure there are people who don’t like it but if someone does, I can relate. I listened to it only once, in the Korean version, and I was looking for it on YouTube a moment after. It’s in my playlist now. So I totally get understand if anyone likes it, baby or not.


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