covid antibody test cost

In these times, when every country and community is battling the outbreak of covid-19, antibody testing can provide important help. They are useful and can detect whether someone has had this infection in the past; the test is useful for asymptomatic people as well. According to a survey, most people recommend antibody testing if covid antibody test cost is exempted. However, the test is not free. The cost and the factors that affect its cost are a matter of discussion in this article.

Covid antibody test

An antibody test or serology test is a test to identify past covid infections. Covid antibody tests help us determine whether a person has been infected with it in the past. The test is useful for asymptomatic people (who don’t show signs or symptoms of the disease).


Antibodies, when created by our immune system, they help us not get infected with the disease again for 3 months. The period depends from person to person. It could be more or less, but mostly it is observed that our bodies keep them for 3 months.

This antibody testing is considered important by health departments. By doing this, it is thought that we can find a way to combat this virus. It is important for governments as well so they can plan their policies to deal with the disease on their behalf.

How is antibody testing done?

  • The attendant will take your arm, and with clean cotton, he will wipe out the area from the center of the arm.
  • Then, he will use a band and tightly wrap it around your arm. By doing this, the vein with the blood will pop out.
  • The doctor will then take a syringe and inject it into the vein, and draw blood from it.
  • The drawn sample is then sent for testing.

Covid antibody test cost

Covid antibody test costs range from $30 to $50. The price of the test gets increased when the administration cost is also involved in it. So, the cost, in this case, increased from $50 to 120 to $175. It also depends on where you are getting your test in big cities. These tests cost more than in small cities. Some clinics accept health insurance; this will reduce the cost of the test. Otherwise, no health insurance coverage for antibody testing is also a factor that affects its cost. Some clinics charge more for their better facilities. So, you might get an expensive invoice for covid-19 antibody testing here.

Results of covid antibody test

The possible test conclusions are as follows;

1. Positive test:

This means a person has antibodies in their blood. That means that he had suffered from a past infection.

2. Negative test:

This means the person hasn’t suffered from the virus yet. Because his blood shows no trace of covid antibodies.


The covid antibodies test is considered an effective way to fight this deadly disease that has taken thousands of lives and continues to do so. Covid antibody test cost depends on some factors. The factors are explained in this article, along with the information regarding covid antibody testing, its benefits, and test results. The cost of this test can differ from $30 to $175. To see the factors that affect its cost read out the full article.


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