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Many sexual problems can lead to anxiety or chronic depression in men. As these problems cause a lot of pressure and stress in men, they cannot discuss them with others. However, if the person is dealing with sexual or intimate problems like; Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or low libido levels, see a sexologist in Gurgaon in time. Their problems can be cured successfully, leading everyday and stress-free lives. Also, communicating with your partner about how you feel; can ease your stress and help you feel less anxious about your condition.

Thus, if you want to know about the causes of depression; and personal and sexual problems in men, read the article to the end.

7 Causes of Sexual problems and depression in men-

There are a lot of sexual causes which can lead to depression in men; however, if these problems are addressed in time and are treated in time, they can lessen the ill effects like depression in men. So here is a list of some of the most common causes of depression in men.

1. Premature Ejaculation-

Premature ejaculation is a condition in which a man ejaculates much sooner than he wishes to. Also, even after trying everything possible, no way can help delay his ejaculation. This problem can cause many dissatisfaction and issues in the couple’s relationship as the male partner cannot satisfy the female partner well. However, there are some practical ways and medications which can help a man get out of the problem of Premature ejaculation. Still, the first step is to consult a doctor before doing so successfully.

2. Erectile Dysfunction-

Another common sexual or intimate problem that can cause stress and depression in men is Erectile dysfunction. In this problem, a man is not generally able to get erections which are needed in sexual intercourse. And sometimes it leads to even male impotence, and he can never make the woman pregnant. Thus, this problem can cause a lot of shame and stress in men.

3. Low Libido levels-

It is prevalent for a man to sometimes be in no mood for sex. But if he sees a drastic change in his attitude and loses all the sexual desires, he may be going through the problem of low libido levels. The low libido problem in men is generally due to their low testosterone levels. So, if you feel that you have low libido levels in you, you can consult your sexologist and save yourself from stress and frustration.

4. Male infertility-

If you have been trying to conceive for over a year and cannot make the lady pregnant, then any of the partners may be infertile. Almost 1 in 7 couples who are infertile are due to male infertility. A lot of habits, lifestyle choices, injuries, bad eating habits, and improper lifestyle habits can contribute to the problem of male infertility.

5. Retrograde Ejaculations-

In this problem, a male cannot ejaculate the semen as it goes back into the bladder. Even after having an orgasm, thus this problem leads to depression and sadness in men. Also, this problem in men can be due to several reasons; one such reasoning can be due to damage and situation in the prostrate area; or treatment of cancer in men.

6. Male Orgasmic disorder-

If a man suffers through the problem of orgasmic disorder, then he is unable to reach an orgasm with a partner. Also, this problem can be due to t some relationship or communication problems with some specific partners. In this problem, a man may need sexual stimulation and sexual contact with their partners; to achieve an orgasm. This can also cause a lot of stress, anxiety, and problem in relationships. Also, sometimes in this condition, a man can only reach orgasm through masturbation or oral sex act.

7. Priapism-

In the condition of Pripasim, a man, once he achieves an erection during the arousal process, cannot get back to the normal state; or cannot lose his erection. Thus, this problem can cause a lot of fear, shame, and confidence issues in a man. Also, this condition is highly rare, although it needs immediate medical attention.

When to see a doctor?-

Although if you see the symptoms of any of the above-mentioned sexual problems, you should immediately see a doctor find an appropriate solution to your problem. However, sometimes you will see these problems in you under specific situations and circumstances or with particular partners; so if you sometimes encounter them, they are known as situational sexual problems. But if you have always been going through sexual problems from time to time, then they are known to be generalized problems.

Whether you go through situational or generalized problems, to find a specific solution to your situation; contact Dr Chirag Bhandari, a renowned sexologist in the country. He is very well known and has solved a lot of cases of male sexual problems in the past. Also, Dr Chirag is the owner and founder of the IASH, Institute of India, which broadly deals with male sexual issues. One can aslo take an online counselling session with the renowned doctors of IASH, India.

Take Away-

Many men go through the problem of anxiety, stress, and depression, as they suffer through a lot of sexual issues. Also, most of the men never get their problems solved, or they do not find a specific solution to their problems as they are extremely shy and embarrassed sharing these problems with doctors and close ones. However, the sooner you address these problems and seek medical help, you can find a specific solution to them.

Also, with advancements, in medical science, there are a lot of methods, medicines, and ways which can help a person to get out of these problems. All the treatments are highly accessible and affordable for the bearer too. So, to get a verified and effective solution to all your concerns, check out the official site of IASH India, and book an appointment with them. For more information, check it out on “IASH India“.


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