transgender hair transplant in palm desert

Transitioning your look to match your identity and gender is most delicate and complex. But a transgender hair transplant in Palm Desert is the best because our experienced surgeons take pride in helping transwomen and men to achieve their aesthetic goals using highly customized procedures. One of the essential components of any woman is their hair. But unfortunately, the appearance of the hairline will not reverse the hair loss or revise the look of the hairline. But if it is well done, you will have thicker hair coverage and a feminine hairline regardless of your ethnicity or hair type.

Experienced surgeons perform hair transplants in Palm Desert to give you a beautiful, natural-looking outcome that suits your needs, style, and appearance. We provide a compassionate medical expert to all transgender patients. Learn more on transgender hair transplants here.

What is Transgender Hair Transplant?

In simple terms, a hair transplant is made to reshape your hairline and provide growth to balding sites. The procedures are the best way for patients to get a head full of hair with a fuller and natural look. Transgender hair transplants are made with gender reassignment surgery in mind. Suppose you are transitioning from male to female or female to male; we will offer you gender specifications.

Hair transplant Technique to Choose

The most known hair transplant technique is typically FUE. Follicular unit extraction involves extracting hair follicles from the back of your scalp and transplanting them to the affected sites of your scalp. The surgeon will use your existing hair to treat you. During the restoration, you will be given local anesthesia, which means you will not feel anything except some little pressure.

Among the reasons people opt for FUE is that it offers natural results. It is versatile for those looking for a feminine curved hairline or to grow facial hair. FUE technique is a quick, less scarring procedure and takes individual hairs. This makes it perfect for transgender hair transplants.

The Cost of Hair Transplant

Hair transplant costs are between $3000 to $7000. The actual cost, however, depends on several factors. Note that different patients have different requirements and severity of balding. Having a transgender hair transplant in Palm Desert is highly beneficial. Here we believe that anyone should get a hair transplant treatment.

Why Get a Transgender Hair Transplant?

It would help if you were interested in getting a transgender hair transplant for two reasons. You might need this surgery to reshape your hairline in a fashion more suitable to your specific gender. Also, you might need this surgery to stop the signs of your previous hair loss and pattern balding.

The main concern that is facing the transgender community is dysphoria. It feels that your biological gender does not match your gender identity. But a hair transplant can help in reducing these feelings.

Male to Female Transition

For most patients transitioning from male to female, hair restoration surgery can be used to reduce the signs of balding that might have manifested before transitioning. The main hair transplant procedures are typically hairline lowering.

The aim is to offer a more feminine appearance, in which hair grows further to your scalp. And this then gives you a permanent solution if you have already experienced balding.

Female to Male Transitioning

For those transitioning from female to male, we give you several solutions that help in treating pattern baldness and the desire to give you a more masculine appearance. You will be given hormone therapy during this treatment, which can cause male pattern baldness symptoms. Because increased testosterone is directly linked with male pattern baldness, you might experience signs of balding. Hair transplant procedures like FUE will help in combating this.

Final Thought

Getting a transgender hair transplant in Palm Desert will help you avoid the feeling of dysphoria. The hair transplant should not hurt at all. And this is because, during the surgery, our doctor will use local anesthesia. The best thing about follicular unit extraction is that the surgery is less scarring, and you will have a reduced downtime. Our top surgeon will perform the surgery and is the best at restoring the hairlines.


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