The latest Zoom update is very dangerous, literally. Users can now attend classes or meetings like an animal using the new avatar feature that makes your face look more attractive.

Available as a free beta feature in Zoom version 5.10, these images offer a Memoji -like a spin on video chats.

Currently, there are 11 different animal avatars, such as the panda, raccoon, and rabbit to name a few.

In a blog post announcing the Avatars feature, Zoom said new avatar options would come “next time.”

Although animals may look like children, they can be useful for real learning or, better yet, storytelling.

How To Use Zoom Avatars!

Using an avatar can also help with Zoom fatigue, perhaps encouraging users to turn on their camera and reveal their facial expressions as they speak or they may not appear as they would like when making a call.

New releases from Zoom allow users to access Zoom Avatars. Currently this option is in Beta and is limited to animal avatars (not humans). However this can be very fun and can also help reduce screen fatigue.

“Zoom will allow you to appear at your next meeting as a rabbit, fox, dog, or other animal, using its new Avatars feature that features a visual character copying your voice, Memoji style. The company says this feature, included in the review of Zoom 5.10, we will let you be an animal on launch, but new avatar options will be added next time.

Zoom sees this feature as useful in many different situations – in its press release, it points out that displaying an avatar filter can “bring fun to your team-building meetings” or help pediatricians seem less intimidating to young children. There is also the view that it can help alleviate Zoom fatigue. At least one study has shown that regular self-monitoring to ensure that you look and respond appropriately is part of what makes video calls all day long. If your Zoom box shows a giraffe showing the shape of your face, that ‘s much harder to examine than your real face. “

Available for Zoom Meetings and Zoom Webinar, Avatars instead of your look with a visual animal that showcases your head movements and facial expressions. Avatars are an easy and fun way to connect with event attendees and create some fun. They also provide a good central location for users who do not want to appear on camera but still want to express body language and facial expressions. In this video, I will show you How to Use Animoji Avatars in Zoom. This is the easiest and fastest way to use 3d Animated Avatar Zoom. Be sure to watch to the end of this video to find out How to Use a Character Animator in Zoom. I hope you enjoy it!


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