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Transformers actor Nicola Peltz and Brooklyn Beckham-Son of David Beckham and Victoria Beckham got married after dating each other for over three years.

The wedding ceremony was done at her family’s estate in Palm Beach, Florida on Saturday.

They were dating each other for over three years and finally decided to be together forever. Brooklyn Beckham, son of singer and fashion designer Victoria Beckham and footballer David Beckham, has tied the knot with Transformers actor Nicola Peltz. They got married at her family’s estate in Palm Beach, Florida. This wedding ceremony was attended by many Hollywood celebrities.

Nicola Peltz Marries Brooklyn
Image Source: Vogue

On Monday the newlywed couple shared some pictures from their ceremony on INSTAGRAM. They posted a picture in which they were in their wedding attire, Brooklyn was leading Nicola by holding her hand. Brooklyn posted a picture with his brothers Cruz and Romero with their father David Beckham.

She was looking so gorgeous in her wedding gown that we all can see clearly. She wore a custom Valentino dress, which she choose with the help of New York-based celebrity stylist Leslie Fremer.

Nicola is well known for her role in transformer: Age of Extinction and a TV series named Bates Motel.

Brooklyn has tried in the field of modeling and photography in the past then he told his intention to be a chef last year. He is the eldest son of David who is one of the most popular footballers of all time and Victoria who was part of spice Girls, the highest-selling female pop group ever, and then became a fashion designer.

Nicola Peltz Marries Brooklyn
Image Source: Vogue

In a wedding ceremony, Harper who is ten years old sister of Brooklyn became a bridesmaid, and his brother Cruz who is seventeen years old served as the best man. Brooklyn has gotten some tattoos like her eyes tattooed on the back of his neck, a love note from her, her late grandmother’s name, and so on. Nicola got a tattoo on the back of her husband’s name. They have been spotted wearing each other’s wisdom teeth necklaces. 

These celebrities came to their wedding ceremony to be a part of their happiness like Tom Brady, Gigi Hadid, Mel C, Mel B, Geri Hornor, Emma Bunton, and many more.

Their wedding pictures went viral like a wild forest fire all over the internet. It is said that their wedding whole cost was Four Million Dollars. Many posts are updating every minute to congratulate newly wed couples. Some fans are not getting tired of praising Nicola’s wedding look and all. While some people are saying it was not a good idea to have Four Million Dollars weddings. Everyone has a different way of thinking about the wedding, Each person’s perspective cannot be the same on the same topic.

 Nicola wowed in a stunning white Valentino dress that was just… wow. The simplicity of it was magnificent, and if we didn’t know better, We would have assumed it was vintage.

Another person posted-

Is it only me that thinks the current economic situation and the terrible atrocities in Ukraine – the blatant display of wealth for the wedding of Brooklyn and Nicola is a bit vulgar? #BrooklynBeckham #NicolaPeltz

Tweet posted by other users-

Why? They have the money to be able to spend that amount. Relative to their wealth that is nothing. People who are piss poor spend tens of thousands putting on a wedding that they really can’t afford. At least these can #beckhamwedding #BrooklynBeckham #NicolaPeltz

There are tons of posts related to their wedding like this one-

23y youngs who said to be aware of the hungry &humanity  doesn’t spend 3,5milion pounds in a gown & a party when we have children dying&starving in #Ukraine #yemen etc


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