Playing games or with life?

In the era of the COVID-19 epidemic, we are spending a lot of time on mobile, laptops, and computers.  Especially for young children, whose classes were started online.  In such a situation, video games have also become an important part of children’s lives.  It has been revealed in much research that video games are harmful to us.  If this becomes an addiction and starts coming in the way of our daily activities, then one should treat it as a disease.  The WHO formally recognized video game addiction as a disease only last month.  Although experts believe that if we play video games for some time, then they can also be beneficial for us.  As the saying says “Excess of everything is bad”. As per a recent study conducted, children with gaming disorders were playing video games for 12 to 18 hours a day.  Also, they did not go to school.

They stop paying attention to themselves.  They became so addicted to video games that they did not even care to change clothes or take a bath.  If someone take away the mobile or laptop from them, they would have become aggressive.  

Changes in people with gaming addiction

Irritability or Anger 
Not doing routine work 
Being lonely
Loss of interest in work 
Decreased performance in studies and work

Although gaming disorder is found in a few people, it is extremely dangerous.  Such patients threaten to jump from windows and terraces if someone tries to stop them from playing video games. 

What the experts are saying 

Experts say that if you play video games for some time, then it will help in increasing concentration. It can also help in solving personal relationships and problems.  Also, if you are playing games in your free time and it is not hindering your routine work, then it is beneficial.  Children should not be intimidated by saying that video games are digital intoxicants or are responsible for violent crimes.  They should be told about both its advantages and disadvantages.

Limiting screen time

It is important to decide the screen time of children to save our children from Video Game Addiction. Parents should pay attention to the game content according to the age of the children.  Also, limits should be imposed on their mobile-laptop use; screen time should also be fixed.  Children should be asked to take breaks from time to time, instead of playing video games continuously.  Parents should make sure that children play video games only after completing their homework, projects, small and big tasks on their own.  Parents should strictly follow the rules and children should also get them done.


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