Because of their lower cost and enhanced features, intelligent locks are quickly becoming commonplace in American homes and businesses. They provide you with control, convenience, and security, giving you peace of mind. Smart locks have a variety of purposes, so understanding the different types will help you determine which one is ideal for you.

You may install a smart lock that replaces your existing door hardware. The majority of what you’ll find on the market are replacement locks.

Smart Lock with Keypad and Combination

To unlock your door, intelligent locks with keypads require a master passcode. You may also assign various passcodes to different persons. There are three types of combination keypad intelligent locks:

  • Keypad deadbolts
  • Keypad deadbolts with a knob or lever
  • Keypad deadbolts with a handle set

Locks for Garage Doors

Consider being able to open your garage door remotely for Amazon Prime delivery – an intelligent garage door lock can enable this. There are various types of smart locks for garage doors. Many of them connect to a Z-wave hub or interact with an app on your mobile device.

Smart Locks with Bluetooth

Bluetooth solutions with smart locks provide the same functionality as wifi while consuming less power. Instead of using an intelligent home system, you may use this feature to link your locks directly to your mobile device.

Smart Locks with wifi

Some intelligent locks for the home include wifi connectivity and can be connected to a smart home hub such as Amazon Echo. These products use applications to allow you to lock or unlock your door from anywhere with a wifi connection.

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Smart Locks Inspired by Key Fobs

Any smart locks combine a physical key fob with some or all of the following features (Bluetooth, wifi, keypad, smartphone app). This serves as a physical backup key that may be used for extra speed and convenience. This is precisely what our RV smart lock accomplishes. You might input your passcode using the keypad. You might also use the key fob to get into your RV or camper trailer.

Smart Fingerprint Locks

Your fingerprint is scanned and converted into a numerical template by a fingerprint or biometric smart lock. You may share that template with others to give them access. Because you can’t forget your fingerprint, this is a good security choice.

Safes with Intelligence

Smart safes feature new technology that keeps you connected while keeping your belongings safe and a tamper-resistant design. You may examine function history, schedule self-diagnostic checks, alter motion sensitivity, and add trusted users to remotely monitor the secure using applications. RFID or biometric scanners may be used in intelligent safes to add another degree of protection.

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Bike Locks with Intelligence

Bike locks have also improved their technical game by incorporating innovative technology. They’re tough and offer Bluetooth and smartphone connections for creating, sharing, scheduling, and tracking e-keys. Your bike, scooter, barbecue, or outdoor furniture have keyless security. A smart bike lock may also be used as a keypad gate lock, allowing you to manage entry to your property from afar.

Last but not least,

As previously stated, a smart lock does not always imply a safer house. This type of device is probably not for you if you’re dubious of the entire intelligent home thing and are hesitant about connecting a lock by Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or another protocol. If you’re going to utilize voice commands to unlock your door, you should use a PIN.

It’s all about adding a minor convenience to your daily life with smart locks. When your arms are complete and your keys are out of reach, they can help you get into your residence.


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