The chances of a pregnancy often prevent couples from enjoying their relationship fully. The concept of birth control has caught up in the past few decades. The different medical research organizations and business firms come up with multiple birth control methods each year. There are hormonal as well as non-hormonal birth control methods available. Each differs in their usefulness as well as adverse effects. Here we have listed each of these to help you get a better picture.

Common Hormonal Birth Control Methods

The hormonal birth control pills are regarded as useful by many. These are convenient to use and offer good results. Examples of hormonal birth control pills are as follows:

Combination Pills: These hormonal birth control pills include hormones oestrogen as well as progesterone. Both these hormones are released into the body in such a manner that they prevent the sperm from meeting the egg in the ovary. Since the sperm does not meet the egg, fertilization does not happen. This is how the combination pills work to prevent pregnancy.

Progestin Only Pills: You may also go for progestin only pills to prevent pregnancy from happening. The medicine should be consumed on the same three hours of the day every day of the month. The medicine may cause you to have periods in the fourth week of use. The medicine may cause on and off spotting in some women.

Emergency Contraceptive Pill: Another type of hormonal birth control pill used in the emergency contraceptive pills. These pills are used after the intercourse within 72 hours to prevent the possibility of pregnancy. The progress of pregnancy is possible only when the body creates the luteinizing hormone and the follicle stimulating hormone. The Emergency Contraceptive Birth Control Pills prevent the generation of these hormones in the body. This helps to eliminate the possibility of pregnancy. 

Reasons Why People May Look for Non-Hormonal Birth Control Methods

The hormonal birth control pills cause many changes in the body. In certain phases, you may not be able to afford these changes. It is natural for you to look for more safe and efficient means to prevent pregnancy. Some common reasons why women may look for non-hormonal birth control methods are as follows:

  • Some people may encounter different health issues as a result of hormonal fluctuations.
  • Women who are lactating cannot take hormonal birth control pills.
  • Women who have a past experience of adverse effects after using hormonal birth control pills may look for other alternatives.

These are just a few of the many reasons why women may look for alternative methods for preventing pregnancy.

Different Non-Hormonal Birth Control Methods Available to You

Thankfully, there are multiple non-hormonal birth control methods readily available to you. Here we have shared a list of the most significant ones:


The diaphragm is a silicone cup designed to be inserted into the woman’s vagina to cover her cervix. It is recommended to spray spermicide on the edges of the diaphragm before it is inserted into the vagina. Surveys reveal that this method of non-hormonal birth control is effective in 94% of the cases.

Cervical Caps:

The concept of cervical caps is very similar to diaphragms. The cervical caps are also made from silicone and inserted into the vagina. The effectiveness of this method is higher in case of women who have never conceived before and greater in case of women who have given birth vaginally before. 


Male and female condoms are readily available in the market. The condoms need to be worn by the respective genders prior to intercourse. This will prevent fertilisation and thus pregnancy. Male condoms are more convenient and effective compared to female condoms. However, the chances of condom bursting cannot be totally eliminated.

Natural Methods of Preventing Pregnancy

Apart from the birth control pills and contraceptives, there are some natural methods too to reduce the chances of pregnancy. Here is a gist:

  • Withdrawal: The man can withdraw his penis just prior to ejaculation. This helps to reduce the chances of pregnancy greatly.
  • Planning: You can also plan your lovemaking sessions in such a way that the chances of pregnancy are minimum. You may chart the different phases of the menstrual cycle and avoid intercourse during ovulation.
  • Monitoring: You can monitor factors like temperature to know the phase of your menstrual cycle. You can plan your lovemaking accordingly.

It is clear that there are several methods to prevent unwanted pregnancy available today. If you choose hormonal birth control pills, you can easily order them online on the Secure Pharma Online. The online store allows you to place your order from different parts of the world. Express delivery options are also available in this store for buyers who are in a hurry to get the pill delivered. Take the right steps to prevent unwanted pregnancy and lead a healthy life.


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