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#Scammy is trending on Twitter – Do you know why?

Grammy awards took place in Los Angeles this year in 2022. Many famous celebrities attended this award function like BTS, Lady Gaga, Lil Nas, Billie Eilish, Olivia Rodrigo, and more. Grammy had many advertisements and articles in which they showcase BTS on a high scale in comparison to other artists.  As we all know how much popular BTS song “Butter” trended worldwide and broke many records and even created their own new records with their music. Fans, all over the world, had high hopes, or should we say confirmation that BTS is well-deserving for the Best Pop group performance Award of the year.

When the winner’s name was announced, it left everyone shocked, and then this whole scammy thing started happening. ARMY understood the real intention of Grammy, why did they give BTS front seats? and why they put BTS in every possible advertisement and all. They made the center of attraction just to attract more and more views on live and more and more audiences. BTS fandom got mad at this type of behavior with their lovable artists.

BTS only got used just to gather attention to this award function as everyone knows the importance and popularity of them worldwide. This did not happen the first time but at that time fans just choose to ignore that thing. Some fans still spoke but nothing happened on a large scale like this one. But this time it was hard to control angry fans as they started saying facts while supporting their Artists. Few popular celebrities also talked about this whole partiality between artists and using them. That is actually a serious issue. This broke many people’s beliefs about these shows and awards. 

If we say these whole things in a short note the actual thing is that no matter how popular BTS is, They get considered as an Asian first rather than an artist ignoring their talent at some point in certain places or cities. But Because they are highly popular so people take such action to use them for their own benefit. ARMY comforted BTS saying that we know their true value and respect them, they do not need an award to show that they are winners, they are and always will be real winners in their eyes of them.

ARMY took over social media platforms to support BTS 

Not only ARMY some American artists also posted about it that how deserving artists don’t get appreciation while they only try to support others who are less deserving of the certain awards. Each artist has a different style and sense of the art of music. Not each person is capable of each award and awards should be given according to the artist’s work and who really deserves that.

Fans posted many memes with #scammy that were trending on top on social media platforms, For example, here goes this one.

Not only BTS there are many deserving artists who give the best music to the audience by doing hard work but somehow they don’t get that supportive action for their work and get demotivated. Thankfully ARMY are so supportive fandom and they are ready to give praises to BTS for their hard work but ARMY knows their real value, they left many precious and heartwarming messages for their BTS while posting memes and warning about #scammy.

90k to 28.4k after the winner got announced everyone knows who really needs who?

BTS is and always will be the real winner for the ARMY.


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