Will Smith Slap Chris

The Academy of Motion Pictures and Arts has been decided to ban Will Smith from It’s all events and programmes for next ten year. It all started when he slapped Chris Rock on stage during Oscar Awards. Because of his behaviour, he got such punishment but he accepted this and said “I respect every decision of Academy”. When this official statement of banning him went viral, people start posting and speaking in support of him. They said that there were many white actors and all who also did wrong but they never got such punishment.It is clearly racism against black people.

People saying that Will Smith got 10 years ban just  for a slap even while  he accepted his mistakes and apolized too, But on the other hand there is many celebrities like James Toback, Dustin Hoffman, Richard Dreyfuss and more who had been done many big mistakes still they are free to do as they want to. They did not even get any punishment from Academy.

Will Smith did not even do any biggest mistake or crime, Still he got punishment while others are free even after doing such mistakes and crimes  like molestation and all. People are mad over this decision and posting on twitter  like this one “I really feel like people have been waiting to catch Will Smith slipping for Years and now is their chance to crush him. A decade long ban is nuts”.

Another fan said “The ten year ban that they gave to Will Smith feels very ‘make a lesson of this black person’. Other commented also “So…Will smith is banned fro m the oscar over a slap…but when are you all going to ban known predators from attending and receiving awards because Louis CK just won a whole *** grammy”.

Not only fans even locals were showing anger towards this decision and trying to support him as much as possible.

 “Celebrity news isn’t my thing but I’m compelled to underscore that #WillSmith being banned from the Oscars for 10 years while white male sexual predators are given a free pass is not simply a matter of racial discrimination; it’s also a matter of spatial discrimination.” 

 “ #WillSmith got banned from Oscars for 10years The mf Jury pretending like they don’t invite abuser’s every year”

“To ALL you white folks WHO want to talk to me about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars, read this below, then find a corner and go sit your ass down in it”

After reading such posts and comments most of the people diverting their attention to racism thing that could have been done by the Academy. This fuss is still happening on all the social media platforms specially twitter but no updates has came from the Academy yet.  A right step should be take on this situation that occouring now. The most important thing to see is going to be that what will Academy do?,Will they change their decision?, Will they take back their statement?  This whole thing  can be stop only by them, wait for official statement and reply to this all certain matter. 


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