Eiza Gonzalez is an 32 years old Hollywood actress and singer with origins in Mexico.

She is a brilliant actress, she is well known for her debut role in Lola Valente in the Mexican musical telenovela in 2007. She is been active in her acting career from 2007 to now. After her own experience in this entertainment industry, she spoke out about the problems get faced by women during their struggling period. 

She said that “women have been oppressed in business and have been put in a box for a long time. Sometimes, I approach it as… we are sort of beaten dogs, and we sort of flinchhat”  and I’m evolving towards this. I can be multi-hyphenated and do many things. I don’t have to just oblige to the rules that the industry has in a parameter for me. I’m learning as I go, who I want to be, and being like, ‘You can also do this!’ It’s a process,” she is hoping “every woman out there feels incredibly empowered” in the coming years.

She told about the time when she was shooting for her movie she added “I took Ambulance when I was coming off of a really vulnerable year because it was the pandemic. I had a lot of time to sit with myself in silence, which I hadn’t had since I started my career. I never stopped for that amount of time in my life as a working woman. It was a very transitional moment for me.”

She continued “By the time the role came into my life, I had evolved so much already of who I was before I started. It allowed me to really think about who I wanted to be as an actress. I walked into being very vulnerable and honest. It was cathartic and powerful. It was the perfect new beginning of my career after COVID. She told me about the real and dark side of being an actress in the entertainment industry. It may look so fancy and amazing to live such a luxurious life as a celebrity does but it is not as easy as it seems to normal people, especially if you are a woman then this industry takes a lot from you and can make your life living hell in reality. Fame comes with struggle but this struggle becomes extra harder if you are woman in these industries.  If we look closely and do research then we will find that this sparkling entertainment industry has a dark side too. Some celebrities talk about it openly on the other hand some of them get pressurize by their company and can not say against about even if they want to say so.

Many women have dreams to become famous but not each of them gets to fulfill their dream. Some of them already get tired of all of these rules regulation, timings, schedules, and all problems that come in their way.You have to be prepare mentally,physically and emotionally in advance. Like Eiza Gonzalez said you have to believe the process and you will evolve yourself from time to time just be strong, once you get your desired place or goal in this industry till then you will get understand more than enough about everything than your first time. We all can just hope that in near future things will change in a positive way for womens too in such industries. Womens are getting more aware now about each things and being careful about everything. If womens wil be self aware like this the day is not so far when womens will have same value in such entertainment industries.


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